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Because Alesta International Supervision and Survey Services Co. Ltd. is in the status of an “International Supervision Company”, it has been authorized in accordance with the Edict no “Export 96/6” regarding international supervision companies with the approval of no 47042 dated 26 September 1996 of the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey-Undersecretary of Foreign Trade.

This formation, being an outcome of the principle of unity in service in Alesta Group has achieved creating an alternative in both quality and extent to the supervision services provided in the Turkish market in a short period of time. It turned out to be an organization growing at a fast and consistent rate by means of the services introduced to the Turkish supervision market with the motto of “supervision without closing eyes”.

Alesta has the authority to perform supervision on all types of raw materials, semi product and finished product groups and materials registered in “Customs Tariff Statistic Positions”.


The increasing volume of trade in our country and corresponding problems and responsibilities that improve by this development of trade borders are risks appear in the course of business life.

Liabilities and risks continuously change to the end hands between all that are involved in the process from the production stage of a product until it reaches the end user. In some circumstances the goods can reach the end user having lost their characteristics specified in the sales agreement.

The owners of the products do not have the opportunity to intervene the process, at ports or loading and discharging points in particular. In such cases risks realize and loss occurs respectively with issues below:

  • Other persons/institutions present in place do not possess sufficient information and experience concerning protection of the product as required,
  • The interests of owners of the goods cannot be protected, moreover adverse actions are likely,
  • The occurred risks/nonconformity cannot be interfered immediately and in place, initiatives aren’t used,
  • Actions turn out to be insufficient in issues such as probable loss consequent to realized risk to be undertaken by parties concerned, protection of legal rights of product owner, putting the issue of recovery on agenda etc.
  • The owner of the product may suffer from indirect or consequential losses as well as direct damage. Losses of right occur due to no immediate intervention.


It is known that objections raised and minutes or reports devised by individuals or institutions having interest on the product are regarded as biased and cannot be binding for other parties.

A need for a competent and professional supervision arises for the purpose of fast intervention to the summarized situations, protection of rights, using reports in legal settings whenever needed.

In meeting this need, being ALESTA GROUP, we wish to share with you the professional experience that we gained by operating over years through our supervision and survey staff who have expertise in their profession.



  • Hull / Machinery Surveys
  • Loading, Stacking and Storage Surveys
  • Quantity and Loss Supervision
  • Quality Supervision
  • Lashing and Securing Services