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Risk Analysis


It is known that our sector is distressed regarding technical profitability. Intense “price” competition from one side and profitability pressure from the other necessitate being selective in risk acceptance. In this context, insurers and reinsurers wish to see a photograph of the “thing” they will provide cover for prior to accepting the risk. We refer to this photograph RISK ANALYSIS study. In this aspect, the competent team of ALESTA having donated with professional experience is able to provide special and high quality service to meet the needs of its clients in every field where a risk exists.

The risk analysis reports prepared by our team include the following headings.

1- Introduction

  • Sectorial evaluation on the area of activity of the risk is performed. 

2- Information on Parties

  • Includes short introductory information on the Insured, Intermediary Institution and Alesta.

3- Executive Summary

  • In this section, key information on the risk are given.

4- Loss Experience and Potential Loss Approaches

  • Facility Costs
  • Loss Experience
  • Loss Scenarios and PML/EML Calculations

5- Evaluation Tables 

  • Characteristic Information of the Premises
  • Risk Evaluation Tables (Comparison with Similar Premises, Management Programs, Fire Prevention Precautions, Structural Features, Emergency Water Supply and Pumps, Fire Fighting, Exterior Factors, Natural Perils, Maintenance Processes are evaluated in 4 categories as “below average, average, above average and good state” and explanations supporting the evaluation are in this section.)

6-Engineering Evaluation

  • Location
  • Descriptions of the general processes in the risk
  • Information concerning building structures and values of production

7- Detailed Process Information

  • Critical Control Points (CCP)
  • Bottlenecks
  • Label and capacity information of the primary equipment belonging to the values of production

8- Information on the Maintenance Management Systems

9- Natural Peril Risk Evaluation

10- Evaluation of Other Risks

11- Annexes That Will Provide Use In Presenting the Risk

12- Plans, Designs and Photographs