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Loss Adjustment


Alesta Insurance Loss Adjustment Services Co. Ltd. is a “loss adjustment organization” that ventured operating with the mission of introducing loss adjustment services in a corporate manner and in international standards. Simultaneously, it is the representative of the World’s largest corporate loss adjustment establishment, Crawford & Company® in Turkey. The field that Alesta operates in is not just limited to Turkey but is the entire world, neighboring countries in particular.

Included in the task force of ALESTA that has improved its services provided up to a state of international standards and scope, there are regular insurance adjusters having expertise in their career disciplines, professional experts of different business lines, assistants and researchers. In addition to this permanent staff, Crawford® and Supervision & Survey team complement and reinforce Alesta’s team of loss adjustment services.

In this context, making ready a team composing of sufiicient number of specialists for service at the requested place, time and speed, is a characteristic unique to Alesta especially in Turkey.

The team assigned according to the characteristic of loss regardless of size, loss adjustment teams formed by appropriate mixture of the fields of expertise solve all problems that are encountered mutually with parties that are involved as from the original starting moment of investigation of the loss until the time concluding the study, handle it in every detail, examine and evaluate.

Considering that despite systemized, interrelated, and supported by written procedures, personal knowledge and skills shall be insufficient; thus it is an ALESTA tradition to have experienced administrators to take a part in and manage the process. 

The entire process from receiving the notice to the final stage including all needed analyses and inquiries of the study is carried out in ALESTA in a participant, cooperative, and transparent manner with respect to definite times and forms of written procedures.

Another feature the services provided by Alesta is that the quality of a process is reflected not only to the party asking study, but to all other parties such as the insurer, reinsurer, insured, broker, intermediary etc. that are closely interested, hence possibility of rendering common expectation upon completion of the study.

By this means, this organization overpassed client expectations. Regardless of the type, scope and size of the presented study, it is a real leader and pioneer concerning service standardization and monotype reporting criteria.

Having this experience, ALESTA operates with almost all licensed insurers in Turkey and provides service to reinsurers in Turkey and in relevant countries through its global network.